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100% Discount Code in Hubspot Payments

Currently, discount codes only go up to 99%.  When a client wants to be invoiced but we still need them to complete the registration process, a 100% discount code is needed.  This seems like an easy thing to fix.

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This would also give me the ability to test the payment workflow from end to end without having to spend actual money when testing the payments workflow. It also allows me to test and setup automations before posting the payment link to my site. Lastly, there are lots of scenarios where a discount of 100% is necessary. The lack of this feature is pretty absurd. 


Hello I had this request as well and was told " suggest on your end is to create a community idea post such that once it gains enough traction from other users, it puts up a better case for our internal team to review this."  100% discount or a monetary discount that makes a item free is COMMON.  this is a design flaw


This needs to be included especially as a marketing tactic, we want to encourage signups by having them free access a paid product/item. Please look into including this onto the product roadmap. 

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100% need this for free event registrations


Absolutely needed....such a frustrating miss. We have two situations in which this would be helpful:

  • paid public events that are free to our employees
  • agencies who would want to pay in bulk for registration, so we bill on the back end but their employees can go through registration to share with us their personal details

Definitely needed!




I agree with @JaKalfayan that this is tremendously necessary. Being able to run tests on pricing automation would be incredibly useful as we integrate HubSpot into our agency's events. It really is a huge oversight that this isn't currently an option, and I'd love to see this suggestion gain enough traction for the internal team to implement it. This suggestion would also help with making HubSpot our "one-stop shop" for events, which is something that we've been looking for in a CRM. Most other sites already have this feature (e.g. Constant Contact), and while the integrations for those sites are great, being able to be fully supported through HubSpot itself would be awesome.

There are many standard ecommerce features missing from Hubspot -
especially for the outrageous prices they charge for enterprise licenses.
100% discount is just one example. Payment plans, quantity discounts,
multiple discounts, etc