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Why We’re Evolving CMS Hub to Content Hub

Content marketing used to mean writing a lot of blogs to generate leads. But as channels have expanded and more content types have emerged, content marketing has become so much more than just lead generation—and more challenging than ever before. 


Content marketing has evolved since the days of keyword-stuffed blogs: video and audio content formats have been on the rise through channels like TikTok and podcasting, and 43% of Gen Z prefers to find products through Influencers on social media. (HubSpot Research). 


Marketers must do more to keep up and stand out in this changing landscape: create more content and manage more campaigns,. But when they are switching between 3-4 different tools to create content, and content is considered “outdated” or “off-brand” in less than 6 months (HubSpot Survey), it’s a lot to do—and do well.


AND, they have to do it all with less—budgets are never guaranteed, and team resources remain flat regardless of the increase in expectations. 


Despite these challenges, the importance and effectiveness of content marketing cannot be understated—it is the most efficient way to drive brand awareness, buyer consideration, retention, and adoption across the entire customer journey. And when done right, this makes for a great customer experience. But how do you do it right? How do you create high-quality, engaging content your audience cares about that builds customer trust and drives revenue? 


You do it with a reinvented content strategy, which we’re helping our customers trailblaze…again. We did it with inbound marketing over a decade ago and are now excited to introduce Content Hub in the age of AI. Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI powered content marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey. With Content Hub, marketers have a powerful tool to reinvent their content strategy so they can stay relevant and drive results. 


Content Hub helps you create and manage content through: 


  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Generate topics, ideas and keywords using new AI Blog features, effortlessly repurpose one piece of content into many with Content Remix, and deliver consistent content your audience recognizes using Brand Voice.
  • Centralized Content Management: By centralizing your content in a single source of truth, you can efficiently manage different content types across channels.
  • Content Optimization: Content Hub's reporting tools and connection to CRM data empowers you with insights to personalize and optimize content that converts. 
  • Seamless Integrations: Content Hub integrates with your favorite tools, like ON24, Typeform, and Demandbase, providing a cohesive ecosystem for you to create, distribute, and analyze content. Browse the HubSpot App Marketplace to learn more. 


We know you're expected to do more with less. Content Hub helps you deliver on that with a reinvented content strategy. With the power of AI, you can seamlessly create and manage content and focus on a strategy that drives results.


To learn more about Content Hub and how it can help you reinvent your content strategy, visit [].