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Time in deal stage - A sneak peek into our account

“Time in deal stage”, why is this a thing? You might be thinking......... and what is it? 


If you're a B2B business which has a sales cycle longer than 2 months plus then this should resonate with you. 


Having “time in deal stage” as a visible HubSpot property is something we have been thinking about for our own HubSpot account for a long time, and it’s not just us – a good number of HubSpot community members have been thinking about this as well!


The HubSpot community post below sums up the desire for a “Time in deal stage” HubSpot property very well:



We felt the same way as Hana (The HubSpot community member above) – we wanted to be able to quickly identify which deals have got stuck, so that we can focus our energy in the right places. When you can see how long a deal has spent in each deal stage, then you can soon spot the ones that need some extra focus.  


We are visual learners so we had a goal in mind to get “Time in deal stage” directly into the deal board view. Our ideal solution looks like the following: 




After a lot of reading and experimentation we figured out two workarounds to get us very close to the visual we wanted. 

We have shared our work in this video so that you can follow along. If you're more of a reader than a watcher, then you can also follow the steps below. We hope this helps you and your team. 


1. The very first thing to do is create a new deal property, using the field type “Date picker”.  In our account we called it “Entered deal stage at”. This property will hold the time stamp whenever the deal enters a new deal stage.




2. Now it’s time to set up the workflow which powers the “Entered deal stage at” property. 



3. Make sure you set re-enrollment as “On”, and include “Deal stage is known” so that every time a deal moves into a different deal stage, the time stamp is added.




4. With the new deal property in place and the workflow up and running you can then get the date a deal entered into a stage onto your deal board view.




However there is a slight downside to this solution. Today in HubSpot you can only have 2 properties appear on the deal board view. The default properties are “Close date” and “Deal amount”, so that means you need to drop one in favour of your new property. If you're comfortable with this then you can adjust the deal board view from the settings page.



5. If, like us, you still want the close date and deal amount to appear on the deal board view, then your 2nd option is to make the most of filters using your new “Entered deal stage at” property. 


By using the filters we can still see which companies have got stuck at a quick glance, giving us the result we were looking for. We save the most useful filters in order to get the visual we want fast!! 




As committed HubSpot customers and App partners we are always looking to improve our account and share our experiences along the way. We hope this helps you and your team. 


P.S If you have any tips for us then please share!! You can find me in the HubSpot community. 


All the best, 


Dan Currin 



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