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Sync HubSpot Tasks to Your Google & Office 365 Calendar

The average sales rep leverages Google or Office 365 calendar to plan the overview of their day, while using HubSpot tasks to track specific sales activities, such as sending a follow up email or calling a prospect. Previously, HubSpot tasks have not been able to be synced to these external calendars, creating a frustrating disconnect and the potential for tasks to fall through the cracks. This was such a common pain point that this feature request has over 650 upvotes on the HubSpot Ideas Forum.


And we heard you loud and clear. Now, tasks created in HubSpot can be synced onto Google and Office 365 calendars, enabling your sales team to trust their calendars as the source of truth for everything they need to do that day. Each user can turn this feature on in their settings. Once configured, any new task they create in HubSpot will appear as a 15-minute event at the task's due date and time, along with any associated records and task notes. No longer will your reps have to juggle between HubSpot and their calendar, slowing their workflow and creating confusion.


(Note: This feature is a one-way sync, so if a task is edited or deleted on the calendar it won’t appear in HubSpot.)


Here’s How It Works


Before you can sync your tasks with your calendar, you must connect HubSpot to your Google or Outlook Calendar and set up a subcalendar for your tasks. We like the name “HubSpot tasks,” but feel free to use whatever works for you.


Then, simply go to your settings, click “general,” then “calendar.” Here you’ll see the “Tasks'' section, where you can select “Connect Your Calendar” and choose the subcalendar you just created. Save your changes, and that’s it! Any new tasks you create will now appear on your Google or Office 365 calendar, giving you a source of truth to tackle your day with confidence.


Connected, Not Cobbled


Now that your HubSpot tasks are displaying on your calendar of choice, you can seamlessly transition between the systems to match your daily workflow. For example, once the task is added to your calendar as an event, you can view the event details to see any notes, or contacts, companies, or deals associated with the task. 


Even better, clicking on the record’s name will open a new browser window for the full record, enabling you to gather the necessary information before hopping on the call or sending that email. This is just another way HubSpot is focused on delivering the tools you need to get the job done right.

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