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[RECORDING] Sales Enablement: How to Reduce Friction in the Sales Process

Sales is hard.

Misaligned teams, cobbled tech stack, and a lack of sales support makes selling even harder.


Are you experiencing friction in your sales process?


If so, join us as we learn how to build a sales enablement strategy with Ryan Quinn, HubSpot Solutions Architect at WORQFLOW.


He’ll be sharing his team’s experience developing enablement strategies and provide tips on where to begin, including how to understand:

  • What is sales enablement
  • Why sales teams fail
  • How to identify and reduce friction in the sales process
  • Best practices for enabling sales teams within HubSpot


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[RECORDING] Sales Enablement: How to Reduce Friction in the Sales Process

Hey @DAnaGuiloff - Great content and mix of discovery questions to process improvement. Is there a way to access the slides shared? Thanks in advance.