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[RECORDING] Reining-In Rogue Users

Sometimes the rogue people are the visionaries, the geniuses, the misunderstood drivers of progress - without "rogue" we'd all be living in caves.


But when it comes to your HubSpot portal, rogue = chaos.


So what can you do?


Join us as we talk to three CRM consultants who have seen it all!


From people having the wrong permission set (and breaking the portal) to an asset list full of inconsistencies that would make an Admin cry, we're going to be picking their brains on the common challenge of individuals going rogue.


We'll cover:

  • User permissions - Gem Rugg-Gunn
  • Asset best practice- Hannah Fisher
  • Data migration - Chris Grant
  • Updates & training - Hannah Fisher
  • Adoption - Chris Grant

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Guide | Elite Partner

[RECORDING] Reining-In Rogue Users

HubSpot Hack knowledge base linked here:

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