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[RECORDING] Gmail and Yahoo Email Updates in HubSpot

Gmail and Yahoo recently announced some new deliverability rules. You may have seen HubSpot product updates related to one-click unsubscribes, SPF and DMARC, and variable domains. Come learn what it all means in this session of the HubSpot admins HUG!


We're being joined by Jackie Brenna, Product Manager for HubSpot's email sending infrastructure, who can help you understand what the new rules mean, how HubSpot's email tools have adapted, and what you need to do moving forward.




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Gerente da Comunidade

[RECORDING] Gmail and Yahoo Email Updates in HubSpot

Hi @DAnaGuiloff,

Great video about the new deliverability rules for emails, thank you very much for sharing with the Community!

Hi @Josh, @Jnix284, @Bryantworks, @Jonno_Price, @andrus, @louischausse, @BukunmiOdetayo, @Phil_Vallender, @jonchim and @beeginman this can be helpful for you and/or your customers.

Have a great day!


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