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some questions to the certification

Hallo, I still don't understand some things.

1. For content format I need buyers personal and for content offer I need buyers journey, its that right?

2. It was questioned in the certificate- something like: I worked really well on the content offer and I'm ready with that,  now I can start with the next piece of content. Right-False. I don't understand it well.

3. When is the question, if it has to be the landing page connect with a thank u page. The connection its mean on the same site, or next step?

4. I still don't understand, in what stage is the customer, who already buy something, but he realize, that is not good for him and he wants to give the product back. If is again Awareness, bcs he starts thinking, that's not good, or consideration stage bcs he is searching for the solution? Or decision, bcs he already buy it and also he already knows, that he doesn't want the product.

I´m sorry for so many questions. Thanks a lot for any help.


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Inbound Professor
Inbound Professor

some questions to the certification

Happy to help. 


1.) Yes

2.) I'm not 100% sure what you mean but once a piece of content is done you should be promoting it. While promoting it prepare the next piece of content to send or add to your funnel. 

3.) Basically your visitor converts by hitting submit on a form, after that you can link them to a second page in your website dedicated to providing the offer. 

4.) That's a good question, that situation seems like a gray area. I'd say they are bringing themselves back up the journey to consideration because the previous decision was not correct. 


Hope this + Angela + Champion's responses give you some guidance you can use. 


HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

some questions to the certification

@Roni-Wicz, thanks for reaching out. Similar to what @AngelaHicks said, a buyer persona has a journey they go through – from not knowing who you are, to becoming a customer. There are three stages within this journey:


  • AWARENESS STAGE: You’re helping solve or improve something; educational material, not business focused.
  • CONSIDERATION STAGE: You’re still being helpful, but now you’re tying in business information to help tell the story.
  • DECISION STAGE: You’re providing a solution that promotes one of your products or services.

Each stage of the buyer's journey offers a content experience to help progress the buyer persona to becoming a customer. Below is a graph that explains this further, with sample formats that are applicable to each stage.




Please let me know if you have any additional questions or comments.


All the best,

Justin | HubSpot Academy


HubSpot Alumni
HubSpot Alumni

some questions to the certification

Hi @Roni-Wicz


You'll want to create a buyer persona to guide your content creation. If you need some help creating a persona, try out this tool:


The buyer's journey illustrates how people come to a purchasing decision --from researching a problem all the way to making a purchase. Depending on where people are, they need different information (from you) to make that decision. 


The question that you mentioned is testing on your process. Once you create a content offer, what do you do? Create something new? Promote it somehow? What's the next step?


I'm not sure if I understand your question about landing pages and thank you pages. What can I help with?


Lastly, the buyer's journey doesn't account for customers who return products. Could you tell me about your industry? Is this a common problem for you? 


Angela | HubSpot Academy