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hi I have completed all sections of this course and the quiz's but it is still showing up that i have 5 mins remaining, i have gone over everything again and it still says i have 5 mins remaining, can someone check what i am missing and im going around in circles

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @TFitzgerald , 

Thank you for reaching out! I'd be happy to take a look into this with you. Can you confirm if you've completed the very last step for the "Inbound Certification Survey"? This is slated for 5 minutes and often that missing piece. It is the "Next Steps" section, right before the exam. 

I also want to note that according to our backend program, we are seeing that the exam was unfortunately not passed. Once that exam has been passed, the certification will be issued to you, regardless of the missing 5-minute survey mentioned above.