can't find my certificate ?

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Me either. I took my time studying to pass the Inbound Certificate course so I could retain the course material. It took me several days of lesson learning, note taking and studying. I passed on my first attempt so I think I earned the badge and certificate. I too have looked all over and waited a day but I still can't find it. I was thinking an email would show up in my inbox with a link to my badge and certificate. Instead I find myself  doing more research trying to find out how HubSpot can actually help me. 


Can someone please post or link to a a tutorial on how to find and download certificates and badges. It really seems too bad that beginners make all this effort only to realize the process isn't that well organized...please

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Hi @mahaveer,


I hope this email finsd you well. I ran your email address in our backend but I'm not seeing anything indicating that you've taken the Inbound certification. The exam portion of the certification is displaying as incomplete for the email address listed in your profile. Is it possible you took it with a different email address?