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Nirdc on February 24, 2024
Dear HubSpot Academy Team, My name is Nirali, and I am reaching out on behalf of Digital Class, an education marketplace dedicated to selling and buying educational products. I am writing to express our interest in establishing a partnership read more
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DavidMS on February 23, 2024
Hi, I was wondering if I can get some help transfering all my certifications from my previous email address: to which I no longer have access to. To my new one . Thank you so much!
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HubSpot Moderator
February 23, 2024 12:55
Thanks for posting here @DavidMS - I just transferred these, please wait up to 15 minutes for the transfer to complete. Take care, more
Imsnehajain on February 23, 2024
I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I am currently experiencing with accessing my previously earned certifications on the HubSpot platform. Despite having completed several certifications in the past, I am unable to view any of my old c read more
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February 23, 2024 14:23
##- I’m unable to connect with the supporter request you to solve the issue -## Best Regards, Sneha Jain
MarilenaN on February 22, 2024
Hello I have completed this course and the only step missing for the certification is the Make a call in the Using Sales Hub's Sales Content Tools. When accessing to make the call and submit it, I get this error (screenshot) and am promp read more
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February 22, 2024 11:16
Hello Nicole, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I still see it as unfinished. I tried refreshing and logging out and in. Thanks
kcchano80 on February 20, 2024
hi Academy Support 1) I used to be an Admin of an organization and i had transferred all my certifications to my work email in 2022, however since the position is terminated i can no longer access my old work email and cannot transfer the certifi read more
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HubSpot Moderator
February 21, 2024 10:29
Hello @kcchano80 , Thank you for reaching out to HubSpot Support! I'm happy to help out with this. I just personally messaged you! Thank more
TDean97 on February 19, 2024
How can I complete the exercise: Explore Your HubSpot Analytics when I don't have a personal HS acct, and the sandbox/ production org of our client does not yet track social media/ web analytics? I appreciate HubSpot Academy and their "free" read more
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Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
February 19, 2024 16:47
Hi @TDean97 I can certainly understand how frustrating it is to complete the courses and then realize you can't complete the practical exercises more
Madhumitha96 on February 19, 2024
Hello. I am a job seeker enrolled on HubSpot academy to upgrade my professional skills. Today, I completed a course on Content Strategy. Though I am aware that this course does not come with a certificate, I would like a course completion certif read more
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LMarsh on February 18, 2024
Hello, I am asked to create a Workflow as an exercise in the 'HubSpot Marketing Software' course in HubSpot Acadamy, but when I go to do so, I am asked to upgrade: ' Unlock Workflows with Marketing Hub Professional'. Can I complete the cer read more
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HubSpot Moderator
February 20, 2024 14:37
Thanks for posting here, @LMarsh - Would you mind sending me your HubID via message? I am able to give you a free two-week trial that will more
lauren_murdd on February 16, 2024
I recently transitioned from working at a HubSpot partner agency and attempted to transfer my certificates to my personal account. I had 10+ active certifactions that I recently re-upped. I've attempted to contact the Academy email as instructed read more
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HubSpot Moderator
February 16, 2024 16:06
Hello @lauren_murdd , Thank you for reaching out to the academy community page! I'm happy to help out with this. Can you personally message more
HenryBTE on February 13, 2024
Hello, I have completed a course on social media marketing, and I found out that the certificate did not have my name on it. It also did not update after I have changed my account name, can someone help?
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2 Replies
February 18, 2024 21:35
My certification name was changed after a few days, thank you for the support.
CMcCormick4 on February 12, 2024
I have completed the videos and quizzes under the HubSpot AI For Marketers. However, instead of being given a PDF of the certification, I was brought to the conclusion page of the course, which stated, "Nearly There: you still have a few sections l read more
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Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
February 12, 2024 11:20
Hi @CMcCormick4 AI For Marketers is just a standard course, it does not have a certification. In the Academy you can identify courses that more
SHope2 on February 08, 2024
I'm having trouble accessing my exam for my other certification and I'm worried the same will happen for this course. Every time I go to access my exam it says times up, and gives me a 0/60. Everytime. Any suggesstions?
1 Reply
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
February 09, 2024 09:59
Hi @SHope2 Could you try another browser or incognito browser to see if this might be a cache issue?
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