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GSharma9 le Mars 27, 2023
Speaking to my relevant TG, understanding what motivates them to take up a course and how it has benefitted them in their careers.
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JGuillén le Mars 26, 2023
I've been trying to transfer my certificates from my personal account to my work account for a couple of weeks but haven't received the confirmation email. Is there any alternative way to do it?
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SYawn le Mars 24, 2023
Hello all. I had a couple of questions to ensure I understood some of the questions on the Hubspot Reporting Practicum. Which team populates/reports on this data? Is this question asking the departmental team? For example, could the answer b Lire la suite
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AdityaBasu le Mars 22, 2023
Hi this template is missing. Please update the new URL Please for the Course "How to Build a Paid Media Strategy" Missing: Paid Media Monthly Budget Planning and Reporting Template HubSpot – Paid Media Monthly Budget Planning and Reporting T Lire la suite
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FWCM le Mars 22, 2023
Im busy with the marketing software course and from the landing page course onwards, the practical exercises show up as completed while i havent done them yet! I would like to practice them so how do i ensure that i can still do these exercises? Tha Lire la suite
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OPTOInternation le Mars 21, 2023
I completed the Inbound certificate in order to list our business but the system is not accepting the completion. I received an email with the certificate and another saying I should have access to publish the listing.
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APetrakos le Mars 21, 2023
I'm working my way through the practicum part of the HubSpot Reporting Certification and I'm having a difficult time with the last 2 questions. We just started with HubSpot and haven't officially made the switch over with our sales team so our data Lire la suite
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Accepted Solution
Mars 21, 2023 13:21
If you are unable to access your company data or do not have the necessary permissions to access it, you can use the sample reports provided in the H...Lire la suite
Elev8te le Mars 14, 2023
In the social media strategy course I've come across 3 quizzes so far where no matter which multiple choice option you select, all say the answer is incorrect. The correct one isn't displaying that it is in fact correct when you click it. For the Lire la suite
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Mars 16, 2023 06:35
I was able to get this fixed! It seems when I refreshed my screen the issue disappeared. Thank you.
yanna le Mars 14, 2023
Hello there, in the past, I worked for as Jana Ryndin and I lost the account access - I left the company in 2019 and they took me off the plan. Now I would like to send the certificate I successfully completed to my current e Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Mars 14, 2023 16:33
That's correct 😊 You are very welcome! Best, Diana
llunsford le Mars 11, 2023
When a certificate is expired and the course is already complete how do you get a new certificate on that same course if it is already complete?
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Expert reconnu | Partenaire solutions Elite
Mars 12, 2023 23:31
Hello @llunsford If your HubSpot certificate has expired and you have already completed the course, you will need to retake the course and pas...Lire la suite
ProfessorSwartz le Mars 10, 2023
Hi there, Does anyone know the level of access needed for each certification? I know that some of them have practical exercises that can only be accessed at certain paid levels. Is there a list somewhere that shows this? I've searched all over a Lire la suite
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LisaSF le Mars 09, 2023
Hello, My HubSpot CMS for Developers certificate will expire on April 7th , and I need to renew it. To do so, I am asked to complete any new practical exercise and re-take the exam; however, there are no new practical exercises to complet Lire la suite
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Modérateur HubSpot
Mars 14, 2023 16:13
Hello @LisaSF , Thank you for reaching out to the academy community page! I'm happy to help out with this. Is there a new course I need to t...Lire la suite
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