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THARIJAONA on September 22, 2023
Hello. Last night, I successfully passed my certification in Social Media Marketing II. I was able to download the certificate, but I can't seem to share it. When I click on "SHARE YOUR ACHIEVEMENT," the page goes blank, and then it returns to the read more
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Inbound Professor
September 22, 2023 03:38
Hi @THARIJAONA , hope you are well! Congratulations again on the obtention of your certificate 👏 As mentioned in the French post here , the more
Kpolans on September 21, 2023
Hi! Does anyone know if the contents of the Content Marketing course in HubSpot Academy have been updated since 2019/2020? That's when I finished the course and was thinking to do a refresher, but saw that at least quite a few of the resources under read more
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HubSpot Moderator
September 21, 2023 17:47
Thanks for reaching out, @Kpolans ! I went through the course, and it doesn't look like there haven't been any updates made, so if you're more
VBakshi on September 21, 2023
I have completed the Lead Management With HubSpot course but could not get the certificate. I did not do the optional exercises only because it requires hubspot account upgradation and as i student i cant afford it. please provide me my certificate. read more
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HubSpot Moderator
September 21, 2023 13:00
Thanks for posting here, @VBakshi ! At this time, the Lead Management with HubSpot is a course that doesn't provide a certificate. Hope this more
RAbelmann on September 21, 2023
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Top Contributor | Partner
September 21, 2023 07:17
@RAbelmann Try to refresh your page if it does not work try to open your website on another browser like Google you can try cache clear more
Hellis2 on September 20, 2023
I recentlycompleted and submitted the Practicum required to complete the HubSpot Reporting Certification. I recieved an email saying I did not pass the Practicum but did not recive any feedback that would help me adjust my work in order to pass. Whe read more
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HubSpot Moderator
September 21, 2023 16:01
Thanks for posting here, @Hellis2 ! When a practicum is not passed, we don't have insight into what part of it is failed, so the best thing to do more
DMaiwald on September 20, 2023
Digital Marketing Certification: Text missing Please find attached the certificate for digital marketing, that I received after completing the course, though it is missing the last bit of the text. Could you kindly look into this matte read more
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Accepted Solution
September 22, 2023 01:09
issue solved
Mayne on September 19, 2023
What are the minimum permissions to complete the cert? My students have shared with me they cannot complete the exercises.
HubSpot Moderator
September 20, 2023 18:34
Thanks for posting here, @Mayne ! Generally, you will need Marketing Hub Professional to accomplish this, and will need permission to View and more
SChee8 on September 19, 2023
The course under HubSpot Academy "Integrating external APIs" The lesson video under "Explore more advanced APIs techniques" I am not able to clear out the old error message for my web app whenever I type a new query based on the followi read more
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JMellbrand on September 19, 2023
I got the right score but it says that I did not pass? How do I fix this without retaking the exam again?  
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HubSpot Moderator
September 20, 2023 17:23
Thanks for posting here, @JMellbrand ! What is the exact name of your course, so I can take a closer look? Take care, Nicole Community more
Norah-Naji on September 19, 2023
vidoes in "HubSpot Sales Software" course don't play and the message Having trouble watching video shows up. I click on it and followed the instructions but nothing changed.
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HubSpot Moderator
September 20, 2023 14:36
Thanks for posting here @Norah-Naji ! Are you able to try this course in an incognito browser or different browser and see if the behavior more
imesharashini on September 18, 2023
I completed Hubspot CMS for Developers Course..I was following hubspot cms for developers II best practices cource. but my cms accunt is not visible now
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Contributor | Elite Partner
September 19, 2023 06:04
You should try setting up a CSM sandbox with a Dev Account Once you are done with your exercise you can share this with your practicum more
JKrupa9 on September 18, 2023
HELP. I just passed my Hubspot Academy email marketing certification test. When I attempt to share this to my LinkedIn account, it defaults to another profile--not mine. I've spent over an hour today and an hour over the weekend attempting to correc read more
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HubSpot Moderator
September 18, 2023 18:42
Thanks for posting here, @JKrupa9 ! Is it possible you were logged in as a different user when you completed this exam? I currently show the email more
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