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MWeathers le Avril 12, 2024 Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 12, 2024 15:09
Thanks for posting here @MWeathers ! Have you attempted to: -Clear your cache and attempt to watch it again? -Log into your HubSpot course from a...Lire la suite
MGarcia44 le Avril 11, 2024
Boa tarde! Fiz minha assinatura digital para o meu e-mail da GMAIL, mas tive o seguinte problema: A assinatura é muito longa. Por favor, tente uma assinatura mais curta. Com isso, não conseguindo fazer a utilização e não consigo diminuir a me Lire la suite
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Avril 11, 2024 20:35
Oi @MGarcia44 , obrigada por postar em nossa Comunidade. Você deveria poder prosseguir, independentemente disso: Em vez de "editar como ...Lire la suite
AMcGoldrick le Avril 09, 2024
Can you help me get my results? I am trying to pass the test but I don’t know which answers I need to study. I have clicked on the send results, but nothing is in my in box or my junk box?
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1 Réponse
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 11, 2024 12:27
Thanks for posting here, @AMcGoldrick - It looks like our system delivered the exam breakdown to you. If you are not seeing the email on your end, ...Lire la suite
Archana_Shiv le Avril 08, 2024
Hi, I joined the community today and am eager to learn and share my experiences with fellow marketers. I have been working as a content writer and editor for the past 3 years and undertaking the Hubspot Digital Marketing Strategy Learning path t Lire la suite
2 Mentions J'aime
2 Réponses
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 10, 2024 12:02
Thanks for posting, @Archana_Shiv ! We're happy you're here. This community is a strong resource for any questions you have and offers incredible in...Lire la suite
JJalonen le Avril 08, 2024
Hi I'm trying to transfer my certifications from to my new account Somehow I won't recieve the confirmation email even though the website let me know that it has sent it. It is not in Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 08, 2024 11:16
Thanks for posting here @JJalonen ! I've transferred your certifications and progress- you should see this in your account within the next 10-15 m...Lire la suite
RLevySarfin9 le Avril 07, 2024
I completed the Content Strategy course last week, but the system never generated a certificate. Can someone please figure out what's going on? Thanks!
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3 Réponses
Membre irremplaçable | Partenaire solutions Elite
Avril 09, 2024 07:29
you're welcome @RLevySarfin9 , there won't be any "proof" available for non-certification courses. You can list it as a completed course on your re...Lire la suite
jeffrey_mahoney le Avril 07, 2024
Hi there. I see multiple examples where this was solved for other members so hopefully you could assist me as well. I recently left an employer and would like to recover all of the certifications I took while working there and transfer them to m Lire la suite
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 08, 2024 11:03
Thanks for posting, @jeffrey_mahoney ! If you change your email address in HubSpot, you can transfer completed and in progress certifications as...Lire la suite
MartinDaniël le Avril 05, 2024
Hello everyone, I've been getting this screen since last night: The text is in Dutch but it basically says that there was a problem with loading this page. Am i the only one with this problem? I try to do at least one lesson each Lire la suite
1 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Avril 09, 2024 13:10
Hello @APernell , Thank you for your reply, it's much appreciated. Sadly, the tips didn't work. I've tried them all but the problem still persi...Lire la suite
HWill29 le Avril 04, 2024
I completed the SEO Certification wtih Hubspot Academy, and as I was sharing my accomplishment, I noticed there is a typo on the certificate. Is there anyone who can assist in getting this fixed so I may share with confidence?
0 Mention J'aime
3 Réponses
Membre irremplaçable | Partenaire solutions Elite
Avril 05, 2024 18:54
@NicoleJ the typo exists for all users, here's a screenshot showing the typo:
CArellano93 le Avril 02, 2024
I am trying to complete the practical exercises to receive my Marketing Software Certification. I have passed the exam and need to finish 2 practical exercises for the CTA and Email portions of the curriculum. It says that they were submitted even t Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 05, 2024 12:54
Thanks for posting here @CArellano93 ! When you delete the submission, it will not remove the assets from your account, it will just allow you the ...Lire la suite
heybeans le Avril 02, 2024
Is the certificate linked to the business or my name? I'm about to start the HubSpot certificate course, but I just want to know if it will be associated with the business or my credentials. Additionally, can I still claim completion of the course Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 03, 2024 13:37
Thanks for posting here @heybeans - your academy progress and certifications are tied to your email address, which is generally associated to the a...Lire la suite
Sean_McGauley le Avril 02, 2024
Hello, I passed the exam and practical exercises for the HubSpot Reporting Certification, but I'm getting an error message that it's unable to generate my certification and to contact support. I've attached a screenshot of the err Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Modérateur HubSpot
Avril 02, 2024 16:45
Thanks for posting here, @Sean_McGauley - Did you use the same email to compelte that course as you did to sign up with your Community account? If ...Lire la suite
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