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CRitaga on July 13, 2024
Tried different browser. I actually tried yesterday and was given the error that I scored 0/60 but I never even get the chance to see the exam. So I waited until today, and it still give me the same prompt after clicking retake the exam. Please help read more
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LArriagada on July 08, 2024
Hola a todos, he estado haciendo el curso de E-mail Marketing, y al momento de realizar el examen final, respondo una pregunta y me envia diciendo que no aprobe, me marca de igual forma que me quede sin tiempo, cuando lo comence hace un segundo, alg read more
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Inbound Professor
July 09, 2024 09:42
¡Hola, @LArriagada ! Lamentamos mucho leer esto. Para ayudarte, ¿podrías por favor darme el ID de tu portal? Para encontrarlo, consulta la URL more
APlazasT on June 10, 2024
Course title has changed to Marketing Hub Software New course No share on Upwork option for this updated course yet Hi Learned HubSpot Community, Attached herewith are the screenshots of the latest situation of my certification. read more
HubSpot Moderator
June 12, 2024 18:06
Hello @APlazasT , Thank you for reaching out to the academy community page! I'm happy to help out with this. Our team is currently working more
DOchieng6 on May 24, 2024
I am trying to join the hubspot super admin bootcamp from my mobile phone ... but this is what I'm seeing when I click the virtual event url ... what could be the issue ... since I had already registered for the event ... ? Should I try on a deskt read more
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2 Replies
May 29, 2024 03:03
Hey @APernell I'd really appreciate if you can help me right away . I am really behind ...
EMosher on May 20, 2024
I completed all necessary practical exercises and completed the final exam of the "HubSpot Software Certificate" last week for a college course I am taking, but the "Create a deal" is still not marked. The online support team told me that I had read more
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3 Replies
Accepted solution
HubSpot Moderator
May 20, 2024 18:57
Hello @EMosher , Thank you for reaching out to the academy community page! I'm happy to help out with this. You are all set now! more
voltei on May 03, 2024
Hi Anissa, I have a question about "Digital marketing" course particularly about "How to create a pop-up form in Hubspot" task, that is impossible to complete without having a website, since I'm a learner and I don't have a website, why sho read more
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Hall of Famer | Elite Partner
May 08, 2024 09:36
@voltei you could create a free website and publish a page using the staging domain, then you can publish your pop-up form to target that page.
half_duplex on April 23, 2024
Our website uses an API to drive the Contact Us form. The API generates an email to us. So, options for creating a new company are Calling HubSpot API from our backend, or Utilizing email inbox integration For option 2, can HubSpot be configu read more
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Accepted solution
Guide | Elite Partner
July 01, 2024 05:05
@half_duplex - This HubSpot Developer doc outlines the API endpoint you can use to create company records in your HubSpot portal when a form more
MAButt on April 22, 2024
Hi Learned HubSpot Community, Attached herewith are the screenshots of the latest situation of my certification. I submitted the verification request at Upwork through HubSpot as per the SOPs. I got confirmation from HubSpo read more
April 28, 2024 16:56
Hello Anissa, Still waiting for your kind reply please. Thanks.
AkiKamiura on April 16, 2024
I'm learning the Marketing Software course. The button to resume the exercise"Create a Workflow in Hubspot" is not displayed. Does anyone can help? I've already tried refresh the screen And waited 24h. Thank you
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3 Replies
April 18, 2024 20:14
not resolved Does anyone know what to do?
JeremyOrah on April 15, 2024
Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some help with a strange issue I'm facing while trying to take the Email Marketing Certification Exam on HubSpot Academy. I've completed the course content and feel prepared to take the exam. However, whenever I read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
April 18, 2024 16:25
Hi, I have gotten the HAR file, how do I get it to your team?
jeffrey_mahoney on April 07, 2024
Hi there. I see multiple examples where this was solved for other members so hopefully you could assist me as well. I recently left an employer and would like to recover all of the certifications I took while working there and transfer them to m read more
HubSpot Moderator
April 08, 2024 11:03
Thanks for posting, @jeffrey_mahoney ! If you change your email address in HubSpot, you can transfer completed and in progress certifications more
VITSolutions on March 13, 2024
Hi all my name is Kelvin from Vinetrix IT Solution, i just created my hubspot account and followed the identity verification stage but i got this email back. We weren’t able to verify your identity We weren’t able to verify your identity based on read more
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Accepted solution
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
March 14, 2024 07:13
Hey @VITSolutions Make sure all the information you provide during the verification process is accurate and up-to-date. This includes more
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