Where to start on the academy for a HubSpot beginner


Hi, I'm starting from scratch with HubSpot. There doesn't seem to be a direction of where to begin. I'm looking for the most valuable stable information to start with and the basics. 

I did a course on Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learner on HubSpot, I'd like to do more. 


For my needs specifically, my interest is for my company. We use the free version. We are not doing our social media through HubSpot and don't plan to, or our newsletters. This is for contacts, sales pipeline and potentially we may eventually upgrade later to additional services.

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Academy Team

Hello @BryceMc , 


First of all welcome to the HubSpot Community and getting started with HubSpot. 


I would be happy to provide some recommendations on where to get started for free users: 

  1. Sales Software Certification (this course covers all the key features of Sales Hub and all exercises can be accomplished with the free version of HubSpot) 
  2. Implementing your Sales Process in HubSpot Sales
  3. Using HubSpot's Free Marketing Tools Course will cover everything on the Marketing Hub products on the free version as well (this might be something to explore later if you are interested in doing more marketing). 
  4. I always recommend as well our Inbound and Inbound Sales Certification Courses for an overview of the concepts and strategies to get started with. 

Also, if sales is your focus I would recommend reviewing here all our Sales training in the library that you can access. 


If you have other questions please do not hesitate to let us know! 





HubSpot Employee

Hi @BryZ,


Thanks for reaching out! If you are just getting started with HubSpot, I would highly recommend checking out these resources here to help you get started:


1. Get Started With HubSpot CRM

2. Inbound Certification 


I hope this helps!