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Is there a place I can go to get more training on HubSpot?  I was looking for basic to intermediary training on how to use HubSpot.  I was hoping to find something that was more interactive instead of just watching videos.  Any ideas/help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Key Advisor | Platinum Partner


Hey @DIvanuska, thanks for reaching out!


Have you checked out HubSpot Academy? That is going to be your best resource for basic to intermediary HubSpot training by far. They have certification courses specific to HubSpot software and a bunch of other ones of sales, marketing, RevOps, and more.


They are video-based, but the software certifications include practical exercises that you need to complete within a HubSpot portal, so that should help give you more "doing" alongside "watching."

The HubSpot Community and the HubSpot Knowledge Base are your go-to resources if you're looking for step-by-step documentation on how to use HubSpot tools and features. If you're looking for something specific, there's a good chance you'll be able to find it there (and you can always post like this if you're trying to build something and need assistance).


Hope this helps!!

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