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Unable to Complete Practical Exercises due to Existing submissions

I am trying to complete the practical exercises to receive my Marketing Software Certification. I have passed the exam and need to finish 2 practical exercises for the CTA and Email portions of the curriculum. It says that they were submitted even though I did not do the actual exercises yet.


I am assuming that it automatically grabbed a CTA and email my company has active in our hubspot account. It says that I did not pass and need to resubmit, but when I click resubmit it says it will delete this submission. I do not want to delete an active CTA or email as this might affect one of our campaigns.


I can't see which CTA or Email that it used either to even see if its ok to delete. Is there a way to bypass the resubmission without having to delete the CTA and Email that was graded?

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HubSpot Moderator

Unable to Complete Practical Exercises due to Existing submissions

Thanks for posting here @CArellano93!

When you delete the submission, it will not remove the assets from your account, it will just allow you the ability to resubmit/re-do the practical exercises. I hope this helps!

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