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Inbound Professor

The Inbound Marketing Optimization Certification is LIVE!

Hey there, Jorie here! 


As an inbound professor, one question I get all the time is:

  • “Once I have an inbound marketing strategy at my organization, what comes next?”


The answer? You optimize!


Because, it’s not enough to create a strong foundation on your team and for your business. Inbound is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. You need to constantly be re-learning and re-committing to your customers. That way, they always stay top-of-mind.


In other words, in order to grow and scale as your customers do, you need to always be thinking about refining your content and approach to continuously meet their needs.


That’s why we created the Inbound Marketing Optimization Certification. It builds off everything you learned about in the Inbound Marketing Certification, with some important additions. 


Learn how effective project management can power marketing success, how website accessibility can help your content resonate with wider audiences, and how your buyer personas need to evolve over time.


Then, layer in additional strategies, like conversational marketing and CRO, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website traffic. 


Top that off with a hands-on HubSpot analytics lesson, so you always know where to find your data and how to use it to make decisions.


Ready to get started? Great! Check it out here.


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