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Taking an existing HubSpot account and having it reviewed by an Export

Hi, I joined a Hubspot client about 6 months ago.  I feel that i have learned the basics but continue to experience a frustration that our database has been hammered by alot of unused items, templates, automations, coded sections of emails.  


Is there any experts that you can hire/help you in navigation of a review of our usage in the sales and marketing area?    Or do any other users have helpful tips on how they managed to get thru this process.  You hate to delete or archieve anything without full understanding.  

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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

Taking an existing HubSpot account and having it reviewed by an Export

Hi @shulcher 


We're currently offering free portal audits for users of Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise.


Our audit looks at your use of all the key marketing tools and how they are contributing to traffic and lead generation. We can also take a high level look at your use of the Sales Hub too.  The output of the audit is a report covering our observations, findings and recommendations. We then prioritise our recommendations based on what offers you the greatest impact. All of this is based on and backed up by our years of experience as a leading B2B inbound marketing agency and diamond HubSpot partner. 


This may not cover off every aspect of what you want to understand and improve in your HubSpot portal, but it should provide a great start. 


The only conditions that apply are that you are not on HubSpot's startup pricing and we are the only HubSpot solutions partner on your portal for 90 days from starting the audit. 

If you are interested in exploring this further, please take a look at: Free Professional HubSpot Portal Audit 


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
Academy Team
Academy Team

Taking an existing HubSpot account and having it reviewed by an Export

Hi @shulcher,


Thank you for reaching out. I'm really sorry to hear about your frustration. I want to make sure I get you connected with the appropriate people and team to help you get this resolved. I have reached out to your Account Manager and they should be in touch with you soon about scheduling a call so that they can help you with the above mentioned.


Thank you for your patience,