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Take HubSpot Academy’s BRAND NEW RevOps Certification!

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🎉A Revenue Operations Certification! Where have you been all my life?!🎉


If you’re in RevOps, or if you aspire to be, taking HubSpot Academy's newly launched Revenue Operations Certification Course will give you a solid foundation to build on. It’s full of actionable advice from HubSpot Academy professors and real-world RevOps professionals who will teach you what revenue operations is and everything you need to know to excel at it in your career.


By the end of the course, you’ll be able to design a foundational RevOps strategy for your company!


📸 Give Me a Snapshot: What is RevOps and Why is it Important?


Revenue operations is the people, processes, systems, and data that control how your business generates revenue. This is essential because it helps ensure accountability and synchronicity across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. The goal of RevOps is to drive consistent and scalable revenue growth by offering your prospects and customers a delightful customer experience.


🤔 So, Why Take This Course?

In this course, you'll experience the following lessons:


  1. Introduction to Revenue Operations
  2. Applying RevOps to the Flywheel
  3. Holding Your Teams Accountable With an SLA
  4. How to Map a Sales Process
  5. Systems Management for RevOps
  6. Communicating the Value of RevOps to Company Leaders
  7. Structuring Your RevOps Team
  8. Hiring RevOps Team Members
  9. Evaluating and Iterating Your RevOps Strategy


Whether you're learning about RevOps for the first time or looking to refine your existing skills, this course has something for everyone.

Start learning now!



💪🏽 The Benefits of Engaging RevOps in HubSpot Academy

By learning with HubSpot Academy, you’ll be able to:


  • Invest in yourself, your career, and your team by learning how to build a robust RevOps strategy.
  • Engage with other RevOps professionals in HubSpot Community’s RevOps Study Group. You’ll be able to learn from HubSpot Academy professors and industry leaders all at your own pace on your own schedule.
  • Apply what you're learning by using the tools and templates offered in this training. You’ll be able to apply them to your situation, create and iterate new and existing RevOps strategies, and grow your business.


So... start learning now! Let me know in the comments once you have earned it, or tag me in a LinkedIn you make, showing off your new certification! I'd love to hype you up to your friends!!


And, best of luck on the road ahead! 🙌




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