Struggling with Passing a Practical Exercise in Facebook Ads

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I'm having two issues in trying to complete this Facebook Ads class.


The first is that the practical exercise keeps getting rejected but there's no feedback on what I'm doing wrong.


Related to that, I want to drill further down in demographics and bizzarely there is no place to specify the gender I want to deliver an ad to. That being one of the most basic targeted demographics I can't figure out why it isn't listed. I tried the chat help but they were useless, sharing a bunch of articles that didn't have anything substantial to do with my question. I just gave up finally on chat and decided I would just turn in the ad as it was even though it wasn't targeted the way I would want it if I were going to actually run the ad.


But then it came back as not passed.


I tried again the fix the demographic thing and still no luck. I tweaked other things. Another not passed but no clue what I'm doing wrong. 

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Hi @CarolynChoate,


Thanks for reaching out! The exercise you referenced, is it the 'create a facebook ad' exercise? To create a facebook lead ad, you will want to follow these steps!


If you are running into an issue or an error, can you pleae provide screenshots of what you are seeing on your end? Regarding your second question, can you please provide some screenshot examples of where you are seeing the demographics information?