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I noticed that the workbook for the course Business Blogging Course: Attracting and Monetizing an Audience Through Content and Content Marketing are exactly the same. But the content marketing has about 12 lessons and blogging 4.  It also says in both workbooks; Each section connects to a lesson featured in the Content Marketing Certifcation course. If you haven’t done so already, I highly encourage you to sign up for this course and complete each lesson before working on the practical exercises.


But the workbooks are exactly the same, shouldnt there be a difference?

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HubSpot Employee
Great question, @chimney. You’re correct — the workbook is the same for both courses. We did this intentionally to help our learners understand the bigger picture of how blogging connects to a content marketing strategy.

Additionally, you might have noticed that two of the lessons in the Blogging course are also featured in the Content Marketing Certification course.

Please let me know how else I can help. Keep up the great work!