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Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Platinum Partner

Sales Pro + Scripts (calls)

Hi All,


Hubspot Sales Pro : I love this tool, c'est dit !

But, I miss something : there is no place to write call scripts > only some room for comments you type. 


Imagine you do your Discovery Call :

- Where are my scripted questions ? No where. 

- Do I have check-boxes or multiples choices answers, or  lines to   ? Nada.

- Can I fill a form with my BANT or my MEDDIC customers responses ? No


This could be a great improvement > allow to move one step forward (deals) when all boxes are full > Save time > Enrich reporting > Great Methodology reminder...


Your thoughts.


All my best, Marc. 


PS : Feel free to connect on Linkedin - mention Hubspot Community 

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Sales Pro + Scripts (calls)

Hey @MarcTSM, at this time you are correct there are no built-in sales enablement featurs like scripts. I would reccommend posting your feedback/requests to the ideas forum to see if others in the Community are looking for similar tools. The more votes an idea receives the more likely product will review/implement  - please seee