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Request to translate your course to Vietnamese

Hello Academic team,

I'm Phuong Giao and I'm studying content through the Hubspot series " Content Marketing " and " Building a Content Strategy for Social Media ", they're very helpful and knowledgeable. So, I really want to share it with everyone, who also wants to study content like me. But, your series using the English language and someone who comes from Viet Nam cannot understand. Can I translate your series to Vietnamese and share them with everyone? I promise I'll upload it on my web: PGS and apps such as Facebook, Youtube, or Tik Tok and it's FREE!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon

Thank you very much!

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Academy Team
Academy Team

Request to translate your course to Vietnamese

Thank you for reaching out @PhuongGiao


We are working on providing more educational content and in more languages each year. Right now we are focused on languages in which the HubSpot Product is also available in and using our internal resources to localize our educational content.

We are continuing to build out this strategy and will continue to update our community as we do so! 


Thank you, 



Courtney Sembler,
HubSpot Academy