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Reporting cert- can't complete the Web/ Social Analytics exercise

How can I complete the exercise: 

Explore Your HubSpot Analytics

when I don't have a personal HS acct, and the sandbox/ production org of our client does not yet track social media/ web analytics?


 I appreciate HubSpot Academy and their "free" online certs and courses but I REALLY wish they would tell you UP FRONT the requirements you will need to complete their practice exercises (ie: you will need a HS Professional org, access to web anaytics data, etc.). That info would be SUPER helpful to know before you get deep into things 🙂

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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

Reporting cert- can't complete the Web/ Social Analytics exercise

Hi @TDean97 I can certainly understand how frustrating it is to complete the courses and then realize you can't complete the practical exercises necessary for the certification.


I've shared your feedback with someone I know on the HubSpot Academy team as this isn't the first time I've seen this pop-up here in the community.


One option for completing the exercises would be to sign up for a Pro trial so you can access the data you need. If that isn't an option in your client account, you can do this from any free account with the trial as long as you have the same email as the user.


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