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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Troubleshooting Certification Issues

If you have recently completed a HubSpot Certification and do not see your certification, please follow these steps BEFORE posting in the forum. 


Please provide all of the information requested at the bottom of this post when posting to ensure we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible. 


1. Confirm the course you completed is associated with a certificate

  • For a full list of courses, click here
  • Only those which include the word "Certification" will include a physical certification and badge after completion

2. Do you see your certification listed as complete under the Team tab of the learning center? 

Teams tab of learning centerTeams tab of learning center

If you do not see your course listed as complete (and filled in with a check mark), please confirm you went all the way through the exam and passed.


In the screenshot above, there are no completed certification. 


3. Do you see your certification listed as complete under the Tracks tab of the learning center? 

Search for the specific certification from the "tracks" tabSearch for the specific certification from the "tracks" tab

If the course says "resume", you have not completed it. 


4. Confirm the issue occurs across multiple browsers and in an incognito window

If you are able to view the certification within other browsers, the issue is specific to your browser and you should Clear your cache and cookies


5. Confirm you received an email congratulating you for passing the exam


6. Review this resource for additional FAQs around HubSpot Academy certification


If you are stuck after following the steps outlined above, please post here with the following details:

1. The email address you completed the certification with

2. The name of the certification

3. The browsers you have tried loading the content in (name and version)

4. Screenshot of the teams tab within your learning center

5. Screenshot of the track tab of your learning center (after searching for your specific certification)


If you

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