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I dont know if this is the right place for this post. But i'm having an issue due the certification in Inbound. I finally took the test, but unfortunally i didn't passed. And i read somewhere that there is the possibility to check our wrong answers or the topics that i got wrong. But i didn't find it anywhere. 
Can someone please help me and give me the link or even the walkthrough.


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Hi @TonnyPena, thanks for your question!


Regarding reviewing the exam questions, our goal is to give everyone an equal opportunity when taking the exam, thus we do not share the questions and answers from the exam, even if completed. 


However, you will find detailed course materials, and a complete study guide, in the Inbound materials here: I would recommend going through the study guide once again, and keeping it handy as you take the test.


If you have any further questions on the certification, check out our Inbound Certification FAQ:


Best of luck!


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@TonnyPena, sometimes the questions are indeed tricky. You have to read it a few times to get it. Sometimes, even that does not do the trick. 

My tiny 2 cents that worked for me. Print the transcripts and read a few times. Take a break, come back and read a few times again. (The idea is to internalize the platform and the methodology.)  Then,  answer all the questions in the study guide based on the slides and the transcript. (You might have to refer back to the transcript and understand it again.)

Keep your chin high. The fun and learning is in the journey. And, know that a lot of us does not make the first cut. Hope this helps!