I am not getting my Certificate.

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Dear Jeff,

The problem is not this that i have not finished the practicum ,i have done it, but it always says that the practicum is being reviewed. I restarted the course and did it again for at least 2 to 3 times,but, the practicum says that it is being reveiwed.I have done the growth driven design and social media course, but they didn't had this type of problem and obviously i have a sandbox account and the number is 7471837. Its all done, but the practicum is not being reviewed.I was waiting for this for at least 2 months .I have also messaged through the mail id from that you have messaged.I have also send some attachments in mail id that i have send to you.
If you can please help me in this problem, i would be very grateful to you.
Thanking you
yours truly
Aravjot Singh Sandhu
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As I said in my last reply, that account (7471837) does not have access to the CMS. It is not possible to do this practicum in an account without the CMS. If you'd like to be considered for this certification, please send a link to a finished template. Here are the full instructions for this practicum including a link to create a free CMS sandbox account.


Thank you,