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I'm following the Hubspot Marketing Software training, and in order to do this, the system tells me that HubSpot Marketing Basic or above required. Our company has a paid account, but this is not used for employees who are doing a training. Our test-training account from the company has access to 'Marketing Free' and 'Standalone CMS Free'. But in order to make the practical exercise for Using Buyer Personas in HubSpot, there appears a screen that says: "HubSpot marketing basic or above required". When I click on skip, I can't do the exercise. When I click on get marketing basic, I only get the option to buy a system. Is there another way that I can make these exercises? 

I putted some screenshots in attachment to make my story a little bit more clear. 

Attachment 1.PNGAttachment 2.PNGAttachment 3.PNG
Thank you in advance! 

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Katinka Engelhard 

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Hi @HubSpotLearner,


Because some of the tools required for the exercises are only available with certain subscriptions, you will need to be logged into a portal that has the required scopes in order to complete certain certifications. 


The Marketing Software certification would require you to be logged into a portal that has a paid marketing subscription. 


Thank you,

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