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How do I create a demo account

Hi there,


My company recently started partnering with Hubspot and as a result we've been working on the certifications. 


I recently completed the Sales Software Certification and moved onto Marketing. I score 74/75 but need to complete additional tasks that I cannot access due to my account not being paid/of the sufficient payment tier. 


I completed the Sales courses earlier in the year when there was still a trial period active, giving me access to otherwise paid features. However that trial period has since expired and I cannot obtain the certification without doing practical exercises to features locked behind paywalls.  


My understanding is that this locks me out of the certificates no if ands or buts. Is there no way I can extend this demo account period temporarily such that I might complete these certifications as part of the partnership program. 


Please let me know. 

Kind regards. 



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Guide | Partner
Guide | Partner

How do I create a demo account

Hey @HCraze 


Once your free trial ends this will not allow you to access paid features in HubSpot resulting in limited access to complete the practical exercise in HubSpot and Incomplete certification I suggest upgrading your HubSpot account if you are looking for more advanced features and complete your certification 


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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