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I noticed that growth marketing was referenced in the inbound content certification. 


Slightly confused as to which methodology to apply to help businesses obtain new clients. 


It seems that they're both completely different, so how do you know what will work for your business? 


Do both?... 

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Hey @LionMedia 


This is a really great question. I would like to share with you a few resources that might help to clarify your ideas:


What Is Inbound Marketing?

Free Growth Marketing Courses


I will tag a few of our Top Contributors that can give you a better understanding of both strategies. 


Hey @MatthewShepherd and @JCMO_Kayleigh do you have any advice that can help @LionMedia


Thank you


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I think they are both parts of the same whole.


We are an inbound marketing agency that also does growth driven design. Not all of our clients have a GDD budget, but more and more are moving in that direction as it is where we see the best results when combined with an inbound program.


You can see the resources we put together on the two programs here:

Growth Driven Design

Inbound Marketing for Industrials