Further insight from the Prospects section : "Unknown keywords (SSL)""

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Hi Guys,


Can you tell me if I can get any further insight from the section "Unknown keywords (SSL)" witjhin the left hand slider on the Prospects page ?


...I'm interested in finding our what search terms folks are using in order to find us



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Hi @Saul-UK 


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So the Source column of the Prospects Tool is related to the first visit by a prospect from an IP that our database has recorded as belonging to that company. So if the prospect returns to the site, or other prospects on those IPs visit the site, we should not overwrite the source field.

In addition, the Unknown Keywords (SSL) section is due to a change Google made in 2013 that encrypts the search results for its users. As a result, web analytics packages, such as HubSpot, cannot identify the keywords that generate organic search traffic from websites.


You can find more information regarding Sources in this article from our Knowledge Base:

Traffic analytics | Frequently Asked Questions 

I hope that helps

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