Creating ads that drive high engagement


The following is a question from one of the quizzes in the social media marketing course;


Which of the following social media advertising best practices will help you create social media ads designed to drive high engagement?”


The following are the answers;


  • Limiting your lead generation forms to only the most essential fields
  • Experimenting with different types of ad content, like videos or GIFs
  • Creating a landing page that’s aligned with the messaging and style of your ad
  • Using language that your target audience uses

I don’t disagree in that “Experimenting with different types of ad content, like videos or GIFs” will drive high sales.

The question is which of these best practices will drive high engagement. Nor did it say which of the following practices is best to drive high sales.


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but can’t using a language that your target audience uses drive high engagement too?

The question did not specify who the target audience is, so if you’re trying to get new customers then yes, experimenting with different types of ads would work.


However if you have existing customers and you know their persona can you not design ads that speak directly to them in a language that they understand thereby driving high engagement too?

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Academy Team

Hi @TMaruziva! Sorry for the really slow reply...I was on vacation and am just getting back into the swing of things.  I connected up with my colleague, Corey, who developed that particular lesson. He said that he used a Facebook framework for rating ad quality, which includes Quality, Engagement, and Conversion metrics. Based on that framework, "using language that your target audience uses" helps to improve ad quality, whereas "experimenting with different types of ad content" can help you achieve higher engagement. 


Here's some more info from Facebook:


I hope that's helpful!


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