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Community page changes when I click reply to participate

Hi I am new to hotspot and so far it been an amazing experience. I haven't gotten a hang of things though but I have a pressing difficulty right now and it affecting the overall experience.

Whenever I am taking a lesson and got promoted to share my thought or answer a question on a community page. I get directed to the page and the moment I click reply to lay my post the page leave that home page and loads another which is like an advertising page for stuff I have no idea about still on hubspot services though. The problem is I tried going back to that community page and just keeps taking me to one complex page to another. 

I don't know if this made any sense but if it does please help a mate.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Community page changes when I click reply to participate

Hi @McMoxie 


Thank you for reaching out!


Is this happening when you click first on "reply" at the bottom of the first post, or when you click "reply" after you've drafted your reply? 


Would you mind trying to clear your cache following those steps, as well as trying with another browser and with an incognito window? 


If this is still happenning, can you confirm if this is happening with all posts you get redirected to from Academy or only some of them? 


About the page that loads instead, can you tell me which one it is? 


Thank you!



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