Changing a field type to drop down on sales pipeline 'Closed Lost Reason'


I have been on livechat to HubSpot but have exhausted all options on how to fix this so hoping someone may have some advice. 


On my sales pipeline, when a deal is 'Lost' it asks for a reason as to why which is perfect. However, I want there to be a drop down menu instead of having the option to write a reason. 


On Live chat they instructed me to go into settings>properties>filter by deal properties>closed lost reason>field type> change multi-line text to drop down. 


When I do this and click on milti-line text, I get an error message that says "This property cannot be changed as it is in use by 1 app". 


There was one deal under lost, which I have now deleted, I have cleared my cache incase this was an issue and I am still getting the same error message displayed each time. 


Does anyone know how I can overcome this and change this field to a drop down? 



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To be honest, I don't think I would not change this. 🤔

But, to change it, you would have to remove all areas where it has been used historically.


Here's an idea: 

I would leave this as it allows people to write specifics but, I would add the dropdown as a custom property and then make it a required field in that deal stage.

This way you are collecting readable as well as segmented data at the same time.


Just my two cents and a possible different way to look at it.

If you have additional ideas or reasons, I'm all ears.

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Thanks George. 


I have managed to fix this my removing it as a required field when closing the deal, editing the properties to add the drop down, and then adding it as a required field again.