Can I change the colour on my Hubspot embedded certification?

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The inbound certification badge font (blue) is lost on the footer of my website. Can I change it in the code? Obviously I want to show it off Woman Happy


This is the embed code below.


<!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge -->
<div class='academy-badge'>
<a href='' title='Inbound'>
<img src='' />
<!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge -->



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Hi @osheasio,


Congratulations on your certification! As the embed code is pulling in an image, there is no way to change the font color. I would recommend either finding a different spot on your website page to post it, or adding an additional line of text below the badge to clarify what it is. 



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Hi Jenny!


Thanks for the suggestions.


What I did in the end was change the colour of my footer until the badges stood out. I tried other spots on the website but they just didn't suit..and I felt a line of text would be distracting.


It's never straightforward Woman LOL



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@osheasio Thanks for sharing your solution.