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For the CMS for Developers certification, are we able to substitute the practicum requirement with actual CMS projects? Or will I have to take the time to build out the practicum piece?

I was not able to re-certify at the beginning of the year due to the course being updated so now I'm completing the new sections and will re-take the test. I am hoping that actual CMS projects would count as evidence that I am familar with the new development process and tools.



Terry McMillan

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Hi @tmcmillan99


Thanks for reaching out! Right now, we are not allowing substitutions the practicum requirements with actual CMS projects. While we understand that those taking this course are extremely busy with their own development work, we do not ask them to spend more than a couple of hours on this practicum. We utilize the practicum so that we can easily discern whether the learner has grasped the basic skills we want them to. Looking through other CMS projects they've built makes that difficult and time-consuming because not all CMS projects have the same assets to them. 


Thank you for your understaning.



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