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Dear Hubspoters,


I hope you are doing well! 


I am Ahmed Issa from the Gaza Strip, Palestinian territories. I have an idea to translate all the Hubspot Academy content from English to Arabic. As I am really passionate and would like to transfer the marketing knowledge that you have to all Arabic speaking marketing professionals. 


The problem in the Arab world is the lack of content in the marketing field and it is not accessible to them due to language barriers, and professional digital marketers must have the right marketing mindset to better execute a digital marketing strategy that attracts, engages, and delight customers and prospects in a helpful humane way. 


This will make Hubspot as a source of marketing information to a very large group of digital marketers in the MENA region, as your methodology is so much needed to have relevant marketing messaging and to create great customer experiences. 

If you have any further questions and information needed please don't hesitate to contact me. 




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HubSpot Employee

Hi @ahmedissa ,


Thank you so much for reaching out! We really appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm for teaching others, especially while using the HubSpot Acacdemy content! Unfortunately at this time we don't offer arabic translations for our certifications.


I understand the usefulness that this option would bring to your team and others as well so I recommend that you create a new idea here on the HubSpot Community’s Idea Exchange, so that you, your team and other users can vote for the feature. I’d encourage you to include as much detail as possible in your post. The more the Product Team knows about your  idea – who it’s for, what the motivation is, and what the actual product/tool is, the more accurate Product can be when it comes time to prioritize and scope it.




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And, we'd be happy to assist with doing the translations if you are understaffed in your globalization department!  Marketing translation is our specialty...