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Academy not recognizing exercise

I am taking my first class doing the Using HubSpot's Free Marketing Tools course.


First, you guys turned me off after asking me to set up a contact, then you blocked me from finishing my exercise becuase it was clearly an example contact.


So finally that is cleared up and now it won't see the THREE forms I created for the form exercise.  It also shows that I DID complete the email exercise, but I did NOT create an email. 


What is going on with this system?  It shouldn't be this hard when I do exactly what I'm told and it doesn't tell me ANYTHING about what just happened and why.  I'm left struggling to figure it out on my own. 


So what do I do now?

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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Academy not recognizing exercise

Hi @PCLimited


Thank you for reaching out to us! Can you please post screenshots on here of the exercise you are attempting to complete and the created forms within your account? I would also suggest making sure that you are pressing 'start exercise' beforehand so it will recognize the work you have done. If this is still persistent can you please try to see if you are experiencing this in an incognito window too. 




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