What type of educational content would you like to see?

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New year, new content, right?


HubSpot Academy just launched the new HubSpot Advertising Certification and we've got so many more projects in the works that we're excited to share with you. But, with that in mind, I wanted to pose the following questions:


  • What new content would you like to see on HubSpot Academy?
    • Would you prefer it as a lesson, course, or certification?
    • What type of assets engage you the most? What would you like see more of? Less of? 
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@PMachalek , @RSia , @gaalibabu , @RBraceros@BBugger@RChawda@RRivera@RPadmore@RW_AC@RPincus@SAnis,  @artisandro , @03589 @SCassidy @SRamazanov @sheubeck @SimonGugala@SMunjal@TWeaver@TessReiche we would love to know What type of educational content would you like to see in 2021? Leave us a comment below.


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Would be interested to see more on:


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