What type of educational content would you like to see?

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New year, new content, right?


HubSpot Academy just launched the new HubSpot Advertising Certification and we've got so many more projects in the works that we're excited to share with you. But, with that in mind, I wanted to pose the following questions:


  • What new content would you like to see on HubSpot Academy?
    • Would you prefer it as a lesson, course, or certification?
    • What type of assets engage you the most? What would you like see more of? Less of? 
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@PMachalek , @RSia , @gaalibabu , @RBraceros@BBugger@RChawda@RRivera@RPadmore@RW_AC@RPincus@SAnis,  @artisandro , @03589 @SCassidy @SRamazanov @sheubeck @SimonGugala@SMunjal@TWeaver@TessReiche we would love to know What type of educational content would you like to see in 2021? Leave us a comment below.


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Would be interested to see more on:


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100% ABM. I think there's so much to explore on that side of things. 


Hi i am wondering for the  proper way to work on Hubspot for the attraction of my clients for my company  which can provide them all types of assistance in any type of field in there life.


I would love to see more content about website and integration management for non-developers. 


There is so much content for developers out there, but as a small team without an in-house developer one reason we love HubSpot is the usability for non-developers! 


A course that helps better understand native integrations, API connections, and ad ons such as Google Search Console would be awesome! 


Thanks for asking!  


I would prefer certifications.  Certifications provide students the opportunity to highlight their skills on their LinkedIn profiles.  


I would like to see more courses highlighting the capability of HubL and HubDB.  I would like to see more detailed work on Custom Objects and more in-depth work on reporting.  



Inbound video will be the future, so a few more courses on that could work. 


I would love to see more content related to "Digital Transformation". I believe it would be beneficial for your evangelists or new champions to understand the extent of the possibilities their companies are accessing by using Hubspot and its integrated partners. Although there is a lot of content explaining how to use your tools, it would be interesting to focus a module or certificate on what companies used to do, how they are doing things, and what things could be like if using Hubspot's solutions.


I believe my company only uses 10% of what Hubspot could do for us and we really don't know what we could be improving or what processes other people have implemented. (Video interviews of real-life examples would be great)


Also lessons about working from home tips, wellness, career guidance, and diversity would be great. 😋


Great suggestion on "Digital Transformation"!

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I would like to see a course on the solution design process for solution partners in general and in relation to the pricing and packaging tool. Please include package design, how to tweak the number of hours of any given service and the internal distribution of workload. Certification would be nice but not a must have for me.

A lesson or 2 about breaking down further average costs and overhead costs in the pricing and packaging tool


I use videos the most. Other team members prefer the transcripts more.  I would like to see more workbooks and examples/case studies.

Would love to learn a content writing certification here. A very in demand and precious skill. Thank you

I would like a certification course on the development and design of Workflows.

I would like to certifications course.i would like to take a course in the best writing skills.

 Considering this issue as a whole. then I think that the educational material should always be competently structured and written professionally, I watched many academic writers, for example on  https://writemyessaysos.com/custom-writing/ and note some common features between them in how they structure all the information in their essays and how they describe the issue in detail


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