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Hi there! It’s Jorie from HubSpot Academy.


It’s become surprisingly easy to do complex things. We used to spend hours picking out mattresses at the store, now we order one directly to our homes in under 10 minutes from Casper. We used to have to call a financial advisor to buy a stock, now we do it instantly ourselves with Robinhood. And we used to spend hours watching lengthy tutorials to make marketing graphics, now we do it in a matter of minutes using Canva.


But, when it comes to marketing, we’re still using complex, and time-consuming legacy software. Marketing automation tools offer either enterprise-grade power or consumer-grade ease of use, but never both. As a result, we go with the safe bet — overpriced and overly complicated tools — causing us to spend more time on systems than our customers. 


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice productivity to get power — the best tools combine both power and ease-of-use. When you focus on delighting your customers and creating great experiences instead of managing your software, you’ll grow better. 


Marketing Hub Enterprise 2020 makes things like organizational scale, reporting, and account-based marketing delightfully easy. It has the power you need to grow — with software that grows right along with you.


New in Marketing Hub Enterprise today:


- Multi-touch Revenue Attribution

- Partitioning

- Adaptive Testing

- Account-based marketing

- And more


Looking to skill up with these tools? We're hear to help!


Get started by taking the new Marketing Made Easy with Marketing Hub Enterprise course! From there, dive into the tools using the Marketing Made Easy workbook.


Have additional questions about these tools? Feel free to drop in your questions below. 

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@JorieMunroe Great tips. Thank you.

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Thanks! That is so helpful - I ave to demo the doftware next week and these will help me.

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