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Workflows help you automate daily processes and save your team time. It's easy to educate people on what workflows can do and how specific workflow actions can be used.


However, if you're like me, you need examples. You want to see how other people in the same industry or with a similar-sized business are taking advantage of the workflows tool.


So, this is your place to share! Leave a workflow so others can learn from you, and maybe check out some that others have created.


A post might include the following...

- Industry

- Business Size

- Goal of the workflow

- Screenshot of the workflow


Happy learning! 


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I'll get us started!


This workflow can be modified for businesses in any industry and of any size.


The goal of this workflow is to assign leads to a specific team/group of reps based on the event category. Keep in mind, that this workflow could be edited to assign leads based on location, budget, product interest, and more. 


After assigning the lead to the correct team/person, the contact owner will receive a task and an internal notification letting them know that they have a new lead to check on. 





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This is a workflow to A/B test automated emails. It is for businesses of all sizes and any industry!


First, you'll need to create a new custom HubSpot User Property. In this example, ours is named "A/B Contact Owner" and there are two fictitious owners, "OwnerA" and "OwnerB."

This workflow simply rotates contact between the two owners, creating two random groups for split testing. Any new contacts with an email address will automatically be assigned to one of the groups. 



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This is great. Thank you for sharing this. As someone who is new to HubSpot, these sorts of posts are really helpful. Reducing the amount of time I need to get up to speed. 


Thank you

- Wilder

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I'd love to see our Top Contributors' workflows😁

@warrendavey , @Bryantworks , @AM8 , @Joe-Kelp , @Ben_M , @Kim_HM and @Josh , would you mind sharing your workflow that you're most proud of? Feel free to tag in other members too!

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OK, so our Agency creates HubSpot modules on the HubSpot Marketplace, and unfortunately, HubSpot assigns you one, uneditable, form for marketplace conversions. Currently, there's isn't a way to track modules purchased on a contact record outside of "recent conversions". Recent conversion is helpful, but not if someone has downloaded multiple modules. So here is my solution to this using a couple of custom properties and a HubSpot workflow. 


Each time we list a new module to the market place I add a new branch and add that module name to my "modules purchased" property. Using a series of if/then branches I can easily create a list of all the modules a contact has downloaded by appending that property. I can now send them an appropriate thank you email, along with other info regarding their most recent module or updates on previous modules they downloaded


It's a fairly simple solution to a problem we've had for quite some time.


Hubspot module workflow.png


Joe Thompson, Marketing Manager, Kelp Hubspot Specialist

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Magic! Thank you for sharing this

- Wilder

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One of the easiest workflows that I've seen a lot of positive reaction from is actually one of the simplest I've created:

Image 2020-09-04 at 11.09.03 AM.png


You could also alternate this to a "Last Modified" or "Last Contact" as well.

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Thanks for your session at inbound! Great job managing the difficulties of the platform while getting started on the first day 🙂 

My question from the session below. 


Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 13.01.12.png

HubSpot Product Team

I just like to build nonesense workflows to develop features and this is my favorite one 🙂


Large goto graph (cloneda) (cloned) (cloned).png


exported using the new and awesome Export workflow feature!



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Great talk, shame about the number of comments 🙂


Our question is around updating fields. For example, if we have a paid date, I would like to update the renewal date, changing the value to say 12 months in front of the original paid date.


This would help with then working a date-based automation, ie. trigger 2 weeks before the renewal date.


We could then update renewl date based on plan frequency, for example monthly or anually.


Does that make sense?

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Do you want a work around for this?

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Am I guessing you mean around the original payment capture? for example via the signup form?


But I'm all ears 🙂

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I'm not quite sure what you are wanting to achieve, but if you are looking for a trigger to automate something after 11 months after a payment date that you ahve tehn that's possible, 


The question is do you need an actual renewal date? or could you just automate against a value?


eg, you have a payment date, you could trigger a workflow using a list with parameters payment date field is more that 335 days and less that 365 and combine it with some of the other delay workflows to ensure a weekday if neccessary.


you could also combine multiple renewal dates into a generic countdown using a numberic field and a looper to decrement the field value, but that would be messy, and probably only unseful if it fitted with the conversion / product landscape

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Higher Mike,


I did try that, wanted to keep it simple in one workflow where it could do both yearly plans and monthly.


I might just have to have two, one for the monthly subscriptions one for annual.

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You could combine them into one.

Add an or to the active list more less than 14-30 days in the monthly and have an if then at the head for the monthly and yearly tracks?
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The most useful workflow I built isn't really a workflow but more a use of custom fields with workflows to do drip campaigns against smaller segments of our database without dsegmenting them on any variables.


So I downloaded the entire database into an excel spr4eadsheet, and then created a field I called random segment testing


I then created a set of values for this field in the excel 

a1, a2...a0 b1

so one hundred values ising a commbination of numbers and letters.


You can then drip against any percentage of the database randomly 


so if you wanted to hit ten percent you could send to random segment contains 1


or just one percent using


is a1 




Anyone else use something like this?




I'm a digital marketing consultant a wedding registry and artisan marketplace startup. We have 7,000+ contacts in HubSpot CRM and we're developing workflows to nurture three different audiences. We want to segment contacts based on their wedding dates that they specify on opt-in forms. We created workflows to assign specific properties once wedding date is collected and deliver relevant content based on how far out their wedding date is from today. 

Wedding Date WorkflowWedding Date Workflow