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Workflows help you automate daily processes and save your team time. It's easy to educate people on what workflows can do and how specific workflow actions can be used.


However, if you're like me, you need examples. You want to see how other people in the same industry or with a similar-sized business are taking advantage of the workflows tool.


So, this is your place to share! Leave a workflow so others can learn from you, and maybe check out some that others have created.


A post might include the following...

- Industry

- Business Size

- Goal of the workflow

- Screenshot of the workflow


Happy learning! 


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Inbound Professor

I'll get us started!


This workflow can be modified for businesses in any industry and of any size.


The goal of this workflow is to assign leads to a specific team/group of reps based on the event category. Keep in mind, that this workflow could be edited to assign leads based on location, budget, product interest, and more. 


After assigning the lead to the correct team/person, the contact owner will receive a task and an internal notification letting them know that they have a new lead to check on. 





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This is a workflow to A/B test automated emails. It is for businesses of all sizes and any industry!


First, you'll need to create a new custom HubSpot User Property. In this example, ours is named "A/B Contact Owner" and there are two fictitious owners, "OwnerA" and "OwnerB."

This workflow simply rotates contact between the two owners, creating two random groups for split testing. Any new contacts with an email address will automatically be assigned to one of the groups.