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Thanks for joining my Inbound presentation Website Themes in CMS Hub: How to Build a Website Without Code as a Marketer


Please feel free to use this thread for anything that would've happened if this was an in-person presentation— ask questions, network, and share your thoughts. I'd love to hear about ways you've found success using these updates.


Enjoy the rest of Inbound 2020!

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Inbound Professor

Hi everyone, thanks for joining the session! There was a mishap and we had to cut short, but here are the remaining questions from the Q&A answered:


Q: If a website is hosted on another platform (i.e. WordPress) and landing pages are in HubSpot, do you recommend suggesting initiatives to consolidate the website solely in HubSpot?


A: This all depends on your goals and situation, but there are definite advantages to consolidating your entire website in HubSpot. The most important is consolidating all your website data into a single source and integrating this with your CRM, which enables you to leverage personalization on your website and have greater cohesion throughout your marketing campaigns. Hosting your entire site on HubSpot also allows you to have consistency in your website's look and feel, which promotes a positive user experience. 


If you're looking for resources on how to migrate your site from WordPress to HubSpot, check out HubSpot Migration Services and the Solutions Partner Directory.


Q: Are there plans for an expansion on the amount of themes available in the asset marketplace?


A: Absolutely! HubSpot accepts submissions to the asset marketplace on an ongoing basis, for more information check out


Q: What are the differences between WordPress and HubSpot?


A: For a comprehensive overview of the differences between WordPress and HubSpot, check out


Q: What's the best way to build a transactional website in HubSpot CMS today?


A: There are a few options if you want to build an ecommerce website - the native Shopify integration, other ecommerce integrations available on the app marketplace, or through the ecommerce bridge (this requires a developer to implement).


Q: Are themes mobile optimized?


A: Yes! All HubSpot default themes are mobile optimized by default. You can use the page preview to simulate how your page will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Q: I already have a blog theme but I want to change it. How do I do that?


A: Follow the steps in this knowledge base article to change your blog's theme.


Q: Are emails also part of themes?


A: Emails are not included in themes as of right now.


Q: I don't have my website on HubSpot but when I try to edit the template pages in my HubSpot account, it often seems like the reps tell me I do need to edit the code. Am I missing something?


A: If you were a HubSpot customer before April 2020 when CMS Hub launched, you are probably using layout templates.  These older templates were built in a pre-themes world, so they function quite a bit differently than the newer themes templates, and do often require code to make style changes.


Q: Will it be possible to add custom classes/IDs to drag and drop rows/columns?


A: Right now this is not currently possible using default HubSpot themes, however I recommend adding this to the Ideas Forum to put it on the Product Team's radar for new feature requests!


Keep the questions coming!