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Welcome! We are so excited to welcome you to HubFans!


This group is to help you connect with other advocates, learn from each other, and discover opportunities to highlight your knowledge of HubSpot. 


In this group, feel free to share your thoughts on HubSpot. What do you love? What do you want to be improved? Are there features you would love to see? 


Over time, this group will grow as we find more fans who want to share their love of HubSpot. If you know of anyone who is a HubSpot fan, share the link to the group and get them involved. 


At its core, this is a place where we can get to know each other and share opportunities. Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.


What do you do? 

How do you use HubSpot?

What you would like to be known for in our community?

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Hi everyone...

I'm Lucille, COO of Andimol (Partner Agency)

I've been using and growing with HubSpot for more than 8 years!

I'm a Power user and Community Champion 😃

We specialise in Onboarding, Coaching, Training, CRO and RevOPs with HubSpot users all over the world.

Happy to connect and to spread the word and knowledge with all of you.



Maria Lucila Abal

Directora de Operaciones


HubSpot #2 Power User Champion

Aprende sobre HubSpot Conmigo

Hi everyone, I'm Julius from Nigeria.


I am a senior digital marketing specialist at StarksTech Global
I'm excited to join the group and to see other people's passion and advocacy for Hubspot.

Look forward to learning things from all of you.


Hi everyone, I'm Javier from Auckland, New Zealand.
I'm excited to join the group and to see other people's passion and advocacy for Hubspot.

Look forward to learning things from all of you.

Top Contributor

Hi All!


I fell like i found my calling!!! I am a HUGE HubSpot fan and this group is warming my heart!

I am a HubSpot specialist in Brazil, currently working to implement a gazillion lead journeys, automations, integration, the whole package in the company I am at!

I use HubSpot for EVERYTHING! Sometimes I even wish I could integrate HS with my house, to automate it all for me! ❤️

I'd like to be known as someone who contributes, who asks a lot and try and help a lot as well!

Excited for the INBOUND 2021 and all amazing things that will come from this group!

Carol Giacon
Inbound Specialist and HubSpot Lover
Top Contributor | Partner

Tudo bem? That's about the extent of my portuguese. I've been to your wonderful country and I run a HubSpot Partner agency in California - we focus in three markets: nonprofit, food & beverage and property management/real estate. I enjoy giving back to this great community and collaborating. Take care, Alan


Hi Christina -


Thanks for the invite to HubFans!


What do I love about HubSpot? Integration, integration, integration.

What do I want to be improved? Look at my posts in the community...there are some programming tools I'd love to have (non-developer) to manage workflows more easily.

Features I'd like to see? Let me count the ways... 🙂


What do I do?


Senior Sales Opeations Manager for the Scope Group, Europe's largest rating agency aiming at disrupting the rating business by challenging the big three. I came to this position in February '21 after over 30 years as an industrial economist and later rating analyst, both public finance and corporates. I run a team of around 30 sales people, supporting them in getting digital and moving into the 21st century.


We use HubSpot to automate sales processes to be more efficient and to move the sales team away from outbound into inbound marketing. I'm dealing with many legacy data integrity issues and have to be creative in getting things under control.


I'd like to be known here as someone who is supportive and helping. As a long-term user of social media  and communications (starting back in 1987) I know how incredibly productive a good community of people can be who have one common goal: helping each other overcome challenges and serving as a foundry of knowledge to get things done!




I'm Elana. Two years ago I migrated from Marketo to HubSpot, and I've been happy ever since. 

I love using HubSpot because of its ease of use, user experience and constant new updates. Support is great as well, it's awesome to be able to chat with a support rep whenever I need help or have a quick question.

Looking forward to learning more about this group and earning new points!


Hello fellow fans!


I am Adam from Event WiFi and i am addicted to intergrating Hubspot with all our other management platforms

Chris Jr Williams aka ChrisJr4Eva87 C x

Great to be a part of this with fellow HubSpot fans!

Key Advisor

Apart of our Hubspot journey since the beginning from implementation to database management. 


We use our hubspot for solely marketing purposes and sync with Salesforce for sales side of the process. 


I am heavily involved all areas of the marketing enterprise side of Hubspot - Contact management, marketing email creation sends, lists, reports, workflows etc... 


There's a lot of things to love about HubSpot! Happy to help where I can!

With you here is Dray. A new Hubspot user which I would be so glad to receive enough helpful solutions as the community proffers commendable benevolence to every request post I came across. I hope to get solutions too, and build the great community as well. Glad to be here
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Hi Everyone,

I'm excited to join Hub Fans and share my passion for the platform. I'm a Senior HubSpot Consultant with Simple Strat, a Platinum Hubspot Solution Partner where I provide onboarding, training, and consulting services. Glad to help anyone with HubSpot questions.

So excited about this new community. Love our HubSpot!

Hi HubFans, I'm Alvar Rodríguez from Mexico City. I am very excited to be a part of this HubFans group. My specialty at HubSpot is automation in the sales enablement process. If you experience any problems about this topic, I'll be happy to support you


Let's Rock

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I'm Matt. I use HubSpot. I help others scale with HubSpot.

I am a HubSpot fan and recovering SFDC junkie. I am hopeful about this initiative. 

Keep doing it BIG FAM!


Hi team! Brian Guidry here from Pixelz.com.


I am a huge Hubspot fan and love all things Revops! 🤓





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Hello my name is Kerry Hassen and I am the Practice Lead in Marketing & Communications for Tangata LLC.  I am somewhat new to the HubSpot platform but ready to dive right in.  We will be utilizing the tool for our own business efforts but we are also a Gold Partner with HubSpot.


Hey fellow HubFans, this is Ebarak, the would-be HubSpot Scientist, here to learn and grow in the HubSpot ecosystem. I work as an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Nu Agency based in North Carolina and have been crafting and implementing inbound marketing through HubSpot. Cheers!

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Hi I'm Paul,


Founder at Digital BIAS, we specialise in complex integrations of HubSpot into proprietary technologies for SaaS platforms as well as CRM and CMS. I'm always keen to hear about cool things other people do so we can learn from that and apply new logic or use cases to the work we do.


Ultimately, we like to share our knowledge with our partners and bring them up to speed on new or strategic use cases. Check out our online events on LinkedIn Live where we discuss all matters #SaaS

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I've finally made it.  I've been trying to get here all week.  😅  This is going to be great!

What do you do? 
At Eternal Works, we do branding, web design (particularly on HubSpot CMS, WP, and Shopify).  We also support other agencies in various ways.  We do SEO, PPC, Social Media, Brand Strategy, Brand Creative, Video, and a bit of Sales Enablement.  We're turning a bit of our focus towards onboarding new users on HubSpot.

How do you use HubSpot?
I think I coined the phrase "we drink our own Koolaid"  because I don't think dog food would taste good (never tried it)  but I think I'm right.  So we use HubSpot marketing Pro, CMS Pro and Sales Pro.  We're working towards Service Hub and Operations Hub.  We use it for brand asset management, automated client onboarding, and so much more.  


What you would like to be known for in our community?

Being helpful.