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Welcome to the HubSpot Community! Here’s where you’ll find a buzzing community of marketing and sales professionals from around the world with one common mission: driving inbound marketing and sales success with HubSpot.

The community is made up of HubSpot users, partners and employees and serves as your go-to destination for HubSpot product know-how, peer-to-peer support and thought leadership on best practices. We also ideate with customers directly on how to improve and extend the product platform.

They say you're only as good as your network. We’d love to see community members learn from each other and build their influence and profile on the HubSpot Community. These house rules are here to ensure the community is valuable to you and serves as a platform where we can all become better together. These guidelines are part of our HubSpot Community Terms of Use. Please make sure you’ve also read the HubSpot Community Terms of Use for the terms that apply to your use.


HubSpot Community House Rules


1. Be respectful.
We all want to share positive experiences in the community, so please be polite and considerate in your interactions with other members. Respect the time and attention it takes to post well thought out questions and answers. All opinions are welcome, but personal insults and harassment have no place in the community.


2. Be relevant.
The community is designed to provide a place for HubSpot users to seek and receive help from other community members, so please keep your comments constructive and relevant to the topic board and thread. If you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupting a conversation. Please make sure to review section 2(b) of our Community Terms of Use for more information on acceptable use.

3. Share the love.
Help make the HubSpot Community a richer place by sharing your HubSpot expertise. You may have just the right answer that somebody else is looking for, so delight them by adding your insight to the conversation.

4. Be responsible.
You are solely responsible for your interactions with other community users. Please practice common sense and use good judgement when posting and/or interacting with others. Do not post anything that would violate any contractual agreements (copyright, trade secret or otherwise) or nondisclosure agreements to which you are a party.

5. Protect everyone’s privacy.
Don’t share anything about yourself, your business or that of any other community member that you/they would not want to be publically available. Do not post personal information that you receive in one-to-one communications and private messages without the other party’s consent.

6. Keep in mind, this is user-generated content.
You’ll find plenty of good advice, instruction and insight here but remember that you and your company’s situation, configuration and/or implementation may vary from that of another community member. Apply the same good judgment here that you would apply to information anywhere on the Internet.


By engaging on and contributing to the HubSpot Community you agree to follow these rules as well as the full HubSpot Community Terms of Use.


The HubSpot Logo and Employees
You will notice that some community members have a HubSpot logo next to their names - this means they are HubSpot employees. Like you, they are members of the community around HubSpot products, and we encourage them to share their knowledge and opinions here.


Flagging inappropriate content for review
If you recognize any violation of these guidelines or our Community Terms of Use, please notify us within the community by choosing "Report Inappropriate Content" from the message's Options menu and let us know why you feel the content is inappropriate. If you have any questions about our guidelines, terms, or policies, let us know via

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