Highlights of INBOUND 2020

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Hi everyone,


That’s a wrap on INBOUND 2020! 


Whether you joined us from Singapore, Sweden or San Francisco, we hope you enjoyed INBOUND 2020. 


We’re sure you filled a notebook (or two) of ideas, quotes and lessons you’ll be applying throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021. So before you start dreaming of INBOUND 2021, we’d like you to take a moment and share your highlight of this year’s event. 


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Was there one line that’s been dancing around your head for the past 48 hours? Have you already slacked your coworker with a new idea thanks to a breakout session? What are you excited about implementing? We want to know!


Share your INBOUND highlight here for a chance to be featured in our next customer newsletter! 

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🎉  🎉  Hello and Welcome to the Community 🎉  🎉


I would like to connect you with other users and we would love to hear more about if you attended this year's virtual inbound 2020, if so, please share your thoughts!


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Thank you,


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The meet-ups were the real highlight for me. The format recreated the authentic sense of human connection I would have felt at an in-person event. In a way, it was even better, because it thrust people together, gave us tangible topics, and put a timer over our heads. This cut out all the time we would normally spend browsing for a conversation and testing the waters with small talk. People dove right in!