tracking incoming emails on Outlook or Gmail


I already had the chance to browse around the Community and found that maybe I am posting the wrong question, but I try anyway.


For my business, it is really important to track the answers of contacts and - most of all -  to track incoming mails sent by new leads, that are not in the CRM already.


Is ti possible to track incoming emails? If the sender is not in the crm already, can Hubspot automatically generate the new contact? I would be interested in a solution even if it implies the use a specific provider (Outlook 365 and/or Gmail wiould be very appreciated) and I am open to suggestions to bypass the fact that Hubspot is not designed to do that (forward the message?).

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HubSpot Employee

Hello @Elenaannibali,


Thanks for your question!  I recently answered a similar question on this thread.  In addition the the answer on that thread, this support document explains the difference between the BCC and Forwarding address.


Let me know if you have any questions.