"Send and Archive" still broken


I am starting a new thread about this since the other one is marked as solved.


When "Track" is checked and "Send and Archive" is enabled, even when I just click "Send" emails are archived.


When I remove the extension, everything works properly again. 


I've disabled and re-enabled the extension. Still no joy. 


This problem only manifests itself it the "Track" box is checked. If both 
"log" and "track" are unchecked, or just "log" is checked, the email correctly stays in the inbox.


I am running Chrome 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Also the "Email me when someone replies" box below doesn't check.

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Community Manager

Hi @glenns



Can you send along screenshots or video that show the behavior you are discussing? I'm unable to reproduce on my end. 


Additionally, have you tried disabling other extensions in your Chrome profile? 


Finally, are any other users in your portal experiencing this issue? I would also be curious if you have access to another gmail inbox (perhaps a personal inbox) that you can connect to your portal, do you see the same behavior in that profile? 


The more steps we can take to isolate the issue, the better I can troubleshoot this on my end. 


Thank you,